Removable Wrap


Order your removable and re-usable hairwrap and we will post it to you with an attachment kit and instructions. If you come and visit us at one our shops, we will attach it for you with a free plait and colour tip at the end of the free plait. These handmade hair wraps can be re-used for 10 years as the high quality European cottons will not break or fade!



We’ve been hand-making the Removable Wrap on the Gold Coast for over 20 years. Firstly, they are made by wrapping 100 per cent cotton around themselves in a fancy and intricate design. Your hair wrap will not fade or break. We guarantee it. Each hair wrap includes three free beads, one of which is a one-of-a-kind hand-made Fimo bead. According to our instructions, attach to your hair, then wash and swim as usual.
Secondly, you can decide how long you want to wear these Removable Wrap. Some have to leave them in for work or dancing, while others have been known to leave them in for years. You get to pick! I love it when customers come in and bring a variety of hair wraps they’ve purchased from us. A lovely lady sat in my chair the other day, clutching a clutch of hair wraps, one of which was ten years old!

“It looks as good as new, so why wouldn’t I keep using it?” she exclaimed.
If you don’t find a standard design to suit, email me with your choice of 6 colours and bead requirements, plus the length needed, and we will make it to order to your specifications. Our Frozen-themed hair wraps have been trendy.

Lastly, Do buy our Removable Wrap and also check out our braiding and hair wrap shop and other removable hairwraps and hair braids for more.

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Anna, Black and Pink, Blue and Brown, Brown, Elsa, Light Rainbow, Olaf, Pink, Pink and Purple, Pink, Blue and Purple, Purple, Rainbow, Rasta, RHW01, RHW14, RHW15, RHW16


18cm, 25cm, 32cm, 40cm