When you visit us in-store, we can apply the original hairwraps to your hair. Prices start at $18 and vary depending on the length of your hair; therefore, we will measure your hair to offer you accurate prices.

You select your 6 favourite cotton colours from our extensive range, and one of our skilled staff will wrap the coloured cotton around a few strands of your hair. Your hair will be wrapped in a patterned hair wrap that will last for a long time and appear brand new.

Each hair wrap is one-of-a-kind and includes two free beads. Choose from a variety of beads, including specially created handcrafted Fimo beads, to make your hair wrap even more unique.

Our Removable Hairwraps are also quite popular because they come with a free hair plait and can be removed and reused for a long time. They come in a variety of vibrant colours.

We also have waterproof feathers that will endure the duration of your hair wrap. Wash and swim normally. Check our wide collection of cornrows as well.