3 Coloured Plait

This is a cheaper version again of the full hair wrap. Instead of wrapping, we plait the cottons all the way down its length with the hair inside.   We guarantee that it will stay in your hair for 1-2 months although we have regular customers who come and visit us 1 year later and their coloured plaits look as good as new other than the regrowth at the top.

From $15


Each 3 Coloured Plait is unique to your specifications. They are a cheaper option for the full hair wrap as they are quicker to make. You choose 3 Coloured Plait and 3 free beads, including one of our exquisite Fimo hand-made beads, and we plait it into your hair as you sit there. Our speed and quality are exceptional, so you will end up with a work of art in your hair that will look as good as new a month later. Wash and swim and leave in your hair permanently until it falls out naturally. If you want to take it out earlier, cut above the beads and unplait the plaiting that we have done!

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