Double Dutch Braid Mermaid/Braid DIY Braiding Kit



Double Dutch Mermaid Braid and DIY Braiding Kit, including an instructional video.
How amazing that you now get the chance to do your very own Double Dutch Braids and Mermaid Braids at home with this incredible DIY Braiding Kit.

It includes your choice of one of our over 50 colours of braiding hair, your special braiding tool, some fine English cotton, braid bling clips and non-breakable hair bands to secure your braid.

The kit also includes, most importantly access to a simple step by step braiding tutorial video by Amanda Manton. She is the owner of Surfers Paradise Hair Wraps and Braiding with over 25 years of experience in braiding.

get our Double Dutch Mermaid Braid and also check out our braiding and hair wrap shop for more.

Additional Information
Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 5 cm

Glow Blue, Glow Mid Purple, Glow Light Pink, Glow Green, Glow White, Glow Mint, Glow Hot Pink, Rainbow, Dark Blue-Light Blue, Pink-Blue, Platinum Blonde-Pink, Purple-Pink-Light Pink, Dark Blue-Purple, Light Pink-Purple, Dark Pink-Light Pink, Dark Purple-Light Purple, Dark Green-Yellow, Platinum Blonde-Blue, Black-Brown-White, Brown-Golden Blonde, Black-Platinum Blonde, Black-Golden Blonde, Black-Purple, Black-Blue, Black-Hot Pink, Black-Light Pink, Black-Red, Black-Brown-Yellow, Black-Lilac, White, Platinum Blonde, Golden Blonde, Grey, Black, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Red, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Fushia, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Ice Blue, Sky Blue, Medium Blue, Dark Blue, Lilac, Dark Purple, Burgundy